Sunday, November 22, 2009

Approaching Peru

Time for a bit of looking forward rather than looking behind: I will be in Peru 6 weeks from tomorrow. My preparations are, well, slowish, but going. So far:

Plane tickets. I have my plane tickets to fly from home to Lima, and from Lima to Puerto Maldonado. I also have my ticket from Lima home (through Panama City, how cool is that?!?), but no ticket yet from Puerto to Lima.

Packing. Hahah! Hah! I just ordered a sweet backpacking backpack which will hopefully take me all around the world. As far as things to put IN the backpack ... well ... I'll get on that. I realized that I should have bought for this trip over the summer. There aren't going to be a lot of things for hiking in 110 degree heat available for purchase in NH right now. I will be able to get gum boots, though!

Medical things. I am almost all vaccinated. Most of my vaccines are still updated from various trips to Kenya. I think the closest thing to "expiration" is my typhoid vaccine, which is only good for five years, but I got that in April of 2008, so I'm still good for a while. I'm one shot into the three shot rabies pre-exposure vaccine. I have yet to drop off my prescriptions for an epi-pen (in case I'm allergic to a new and exciting stinging thing), malaria meds, and cipro, but I'm going to do that as soon as I'm back after Thanksgiving. I need to assemble a first-aid kit, and I need to buy a venom extractor.

Monkey-specific things. I've got my fancy binoculars all squared away. I need to get a watch, a small LED headlamp, and a strong headlamp.

I'd also like to get a waterproof notebook thing to use as a personal journal. And silica gel. And a waterproof laptop case?? (Does that even exist?)

This isn't too overwhelming. No problem! I'm really looking forward to this. Not being in St. Louis will be a happy change, I think.

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