Friday, January 8, 2010

Leaving ... on a motor boat!

OK, so I sort of lied about the next time I wrote being from the Amazon. I mean, technically Puerto Maldonado is in the middle of the amazon, surrounded on all sides for a number of miles. But it feels like we're in a city (mostly because we are). Yesterday, we ate at this really bizarre Thai restaurant owned by a Dutch Peruvian who has been raising a number of neotropical monkeys. Someday, I'll upload two fantastic pictures - me with a saddleback tamarin on my back, and me with a howler monkey baby hanging from my neck onto my back with his fantastically prehensile tail.

I can't really write very much - we're about to eat breakfast and then head to the market for some last minute supplies (candles, lighters, incense, and tupperware) and a snack for our ... BOAT RIDE!!!! Next time I write will REALLY be from the Amazon. No city. Just rainforest.

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